The Zooid Mission by Gerdean

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            Materialization from vaporous Zentonite to opaque Urthling presented 0802-LZ and his spatial associates with myriad existential considerations:

            Since situations requiring energy- and matter-transfer entail continual and intricate supervision, permission for the metamorphose must first be granted by a Most High Authority; after permission is granted, Life Transporting Specialists are subpoenaed to oversee the creation of the configuration; and, once its completion and perfection have been adjudged by a Matter Expert, the Plasma Planters and Energy Utilizers embark upon the tediously meticulous task of transferring the life plasma of the subject into the scientifically designed cells.       

            Throughout these proceedings, requiring 948 hours Zenton time (2,803 hours less some seconds Urth time), the subject, 0802-LZ, observed the development of what would become his mortal raiment.  As required by the Constellation by-laws, 0802-LZ familiarized himself with the intricacies of the cellular structure, which was necessarily inoculated against all human disease, and, as a universe precaution, its sperm count was reduced to insignificance. 

            In session with Mind Manipulators, 0802-LZ learned the ways in which his faculties would be diminished once materialization in the flesh was actualized: he would perforce function with limited senses and reduced intellect.  The subject was prepped in the foreknowledge that seven Urth miles is the equivalent of Zenton’s one.  He was practiced in the alternate systems of weights and measures and educated in the fluent use of several human languages. 

            In the Archives, 0802-LZ studied the history, evolution and status of the peoples of the planet Urth.

            To effect transmigration, the electro-chemical system of the subject was reduced to a rate less than one-tenth his normal capacity.  Once actualized, the material being would need time to habituate his new form without disruption to either of the two combined systems.  Familiarity in the use of the five senses would take hours, while locomotion, with subsequent bodily functions of eating, sleeping and elimination, could take days.  The evolutionary and time-consuming emotional development process was an option for 0802-LZ to determine.

            To avoid the dangers of isolation, a special channel of communication was established between the Zentonite and his Home Station of Zenton and, to oversee the safety of the man from Zenton, Professor Alexius Vessey, the human contact personality, had been duly notified.

            Master Physicians calculated that activation of 0802-LZ’s mortal structure should take place in a temperature range of 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Atmospheric conditions most favorable to successful transposition and human activation were determined to be existent in pastoral central Pennsylvania in the United States of America between dusk and dawn commencing the night of August 14th in the Year of Our Lord.

            Comes now the arduous task of transferring the dormant combination of cosmic energy and material mass to the site, and, having placed the form and withdrawn to their respective observation posts, the spatial entities wait.

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